NuWay Technology Profile

NuWay Technology Profile

Who is NuWay Technology? (

NuWay is a new company with years of experience and unique relationships at the core of its business lines. NuWay Technology is headed by their Chief Executive, Mr. Jim Clegg. Jim is leading NuWay on a course of Brands Development, which will be focused on unique products that bring value and performance to the end user.

What is NuWay Technology?

NuWay serves as a holding or parent company to three independently emerging brands:

MagicSpell Brushes (, MMR-Magic Make-up Remover (, and KleanTech Kitchen and Bath ( All three brands represent unique and one-of-a-kind features and benefits, and all address market segments and product needs that are related to beauty and personal care--universal needs for most, if not all, female consumers.

What is the NuWay plan for each brand?

The products will not be sold in traditional retail. Sales will be supported by on-demand video segments supporting the entire sales process for a particular product in a brief and concise manner. This makes the process of introducing these new items very simple. This approach also allows focus on the customer's retail beauty needs without additional training, effort or expense.

Just like the MagicSpell DoubleC Brush—The Only Brush You’ll Ever Need™; there’s no other product that compares as highly as the MMR--The New Way to Clean™!!! KleanTech is a natural extension of the advanced microfiber manufacturing capability established with NuWay's investment and research into the creation of the MMR. If You Really Want It Dry, Give KleanTech a Try™!